18 years old boy who consumes massive amounts of coffee. In love with places he has never been to and people he's never met. Slightly unstable and short-tempered. Constantly overwhelmed by surrounding reality but a dreamer. And that is the good one! Still hoping for the best and looking forward to finally take over control of his world! / A.Wayward /
cigs became the allegrory of sadness and all this shit I have to deal with now 
more and more personal shits
(better figure sth out quickly)
this girl needs to be rebloged 
need those blouse 
can’t remember since I was really wasted last time.
can you sing?

I’m mostly giving motherfucker gigs in front of the screen of my laptop. why? 

kochanie ale ja muszę, bo się uduszę. 
famme fatale.